This is a simple kitchen gadget that can turn vegetables into noodles. There are a few types and I chose the tabletop spiralizer because it comes with three blade options. It is so easy and a fun way to cut vegetables (I love this so much that I even made a YouTube video to show you how cool and amazing it is!).

Three reasons why I love my spiralizer so much:

  1. Easy – easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store in the kitchen
  2. Quick – quick to set it up, quickly cut vegetables, and quicker to cook (shorter cooking time)
  3. Healthy – add more vegetables and fruits into your diet for optimal health!

I strongly recommend to try this wonderful tool, because you can easily add more fiber-rich foods, vegetables and fruits, into your diet. Fiber plays a great part in optimal intestinal health. Why don’t you replace conventional pasta and other noodles with a variety of vegetable noodles? You can not only increase fiber intake, but also reduce carbohydrate consumption.