1016As I mentioned, my brother was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2014. In fact, I had never heard of this disease until then and had no idea how severe his condition was. I have been living in Canada for over 16 years. So, I heard this news from my mother who visited me from Japan every summer for the last five years. I looked up information about my brother’s disease and was very devastated to find out that this disease is chronic (requires life long treatment) and can possibly develop into colon cancer.

Since I lost my father from colon cancer when I was 15 years old, my fear of losing my brother made me feel an urgency to understand this disease. Nevertheless, my brother and I live apart, so I wasn’t sure how I could help him. If only I could monitor what he eats and observe his life style…. then I found a way! Why don’t I create an informative website about “optimal intestinal health” and share what I’ve learned as a registered holistic nutritionist?

According to the Japan Intractable Diseases Information Center, approximately 1 in every 1000 Japanese people are diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This number is less than half of the North American rate. On the other hand, 1 in every 150 Canadians is living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (the two main forms of inflammatory bowel disease)– a rate that ranks in the highest worldwide. The location of the inflammation within the gastrointestinal tract determines whether one is diagnosed with Crohn’s or Colitis.

I am thrilled to be a gateway between two cultures, because I am a Japanese national who lives in Canada as a holistic nutritionist. There must be some useful studies and findings that can be shared worldwide. Canadians may have more awareness about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, since there is a large number of people affected with these illnesses, while Japanese may consume healthier, more preferable foods than any other country. Now, I have tools to help not only people affected by these conditions but also those in similar circumstances as myself, who are committed to supporting loved ones.

I will be posting my blog in both English and Japanese, every week.

All is well and all the best!