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Healthy oils for excellent food combining

So far, I mentioned some important tips for optimal digestive health including: “how and when to eat fruits” and “combining high-protein and non-starch vegetables”, as well as the “importance of water (when to drink without hindering digestion)”. I would like to introduce another excellent food combining strategy: “Healthy oils and All types of vegetables”.  What… Read more »

Ideal food combining for optimal digestive health

As I mentioned in previous blog “Eat fruits first!”, fruits are best eaten alone or with other fruits for proper digestion and to maximize absorption of nutrients. This is because fruits are a concentrated source of sugar that go through the digestive system quicker than other foods. So, they should not be combined with other… Read more »

Eat fruits first!

On weekends, we are usually invited to my husband’s parents house for lunch. Kids are all excited to have Nonna’s Italian feast and we all enjoy…well, for the most part. They are typical Italian grandparents who have to make sure that we all eat very well and become very stuffed. Then they offer fruits after… Read more »