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How and Why do you get Ulcers?

One of my sisters-in-law used to suffer from “ulcers”. She suffered from acute abdominal pain and claimed that she got this due to the stresses in her life. It is a common assumption that stress and anxiety can cause ulcers and it was thought to be the result of a high stress life-style (especially common… Read more »

So Many Strains! Homemade Soymilk Yogurt

I have been making and eating soy milk yogurt for a couple of months. How I discovered this healthful routine was a fluke. When I was researching about fermentation online, I found out how Japanese people are adapting various fermentation processes and foods into their lives. In fact, fermented foods are a big part of… Read more »

Apple Cider Vinegar, a great digestive aid

My husband has been suffering from stubborn heartburns, along with gas. He thinks that his stomach is producing too much stomach acid and that needs to be settled by taking an antacid medicine (like “Tums”). He grew up in a family that always relies on medication for every little health issue. He usually takes over-the-counter… Read more »

Soy good? Soy bad?

Japanese people love soy! I remember when I was a child, a bottle of soy sauce was always on the table and miso soup and natto (fermented soybeans) were served almost every breakfast. Tofu was a typical ingredient of miso soup and also was eaten cold (called “Hiya-yakko”, with fish flakes, green onion and soy… Read more »

Fermented Food, the Health Trend of All Time!

Fermented foods are officially making a comeback! People are talking about the health benefits of fermented foods more often than ever. Each culture has its own traditional fermented foods and we all are used to eating them whether we realize it or not. I was born and raised in Japan where plenty of fermented foods… Read more »