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Weight loss, The Optimal Intestinal Health Way, Part 2

Weight loss, The Optimal Intestinal Health Way, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I calculated BMI (Body Mass Index) for my husband and myself. It turned out to be a wake-up-call, for the urgent weight loss mission for my husband’s future health. His number was higher than expected…almost “very obese” which could cause many health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even premature death.

Immediately after that, I realized we have to jump start from somewhere as soon as possible. Then we started 3 Simple Steps to Start Weight Loss which includes: 1. Drink more water, 2. No more white sugar, and 3. Exercise more.

According to a customer who introduced me to a diet called “Zero Sugar Diet”, as soon as he cut all white sugar, he had been losing two pounds weekly. So, I was expecting the same effect with my husband. Moreover, my husband had experienced headaches due to withdrawal from sugar and I was hopeful that he could drop a few pounds quickly.

However, despite my expectation, he only lost 0.5 pound in a week. Then the same pace next week… I was forced to look for something more effective. Then I grabbed a book called “The Good Gut Diet” by Dr. Gerard E. Mullin which was on my book shelf for a while. I liked the idea of fixing the digestive system first, in order to combat obesity. My husband has been overweight/obese for a while and has been struggling to shave some pounds. I suspected that he may have some kind of digestive issues that are hindering weight loss.

In this book, Dr. Mullin emphasizes the relationship between SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) and obesity. He has been helping overweight and obese people by using a protocol for dysbiosis (imbalance in gut bacteria) as well as SIBO. There is some evidence that a large number of obese people are affected by dysbiosis (as well as SIBO) which makes it difficult to lose weight.

I suspect that my husband may have an insufficient ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria in his digestive system. I believe it is because of his love of sweets (sugar) that are feeding the bad bacteria and encouraging them to grow more. How can he reverse the problem and be able to lose some weight?

He will be following Dr. Mullin’s method called “The Good Gut Diet” and see if it can improve his intestinal health and promote weight loss. Stay tuned!

All is well and all the best!