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3 Simple Steps to Start Weight Loss: The Optimal Intestinal Health Way, Part 1

3 Simple Steps to Start Weight Loss: The Optimal Intestinal Health Way, Part 1

Since I calculated my husband’s BMI (Body Mass Index) and discovered that he was close to being “very obese”, I have been reading all kinds of weight loss books. These books were not all mine, in fact, I was very surprised to see how many weight loss books my husband had (there is a big mountain of weight loss books piling up in our living room right now)!

As I look through many different ideas to lose weight, I came across some methods that seem more effective than others. I am in the process of selecting which ideas I should be following and how to adapt new eating habits to suit our lifestyle. Therefore, gathering all useful information and making a meal plan for him can be very time consuming. In the mean time, he shouldn’t be just waiting until the whole plan has been made. At this point, I just wanted to start shifting his lifestyle toward the right direction as soon as possible.

Here is how we started: 3 Simple Steps to Start Weight Loss: The Optimal Intestinal Health Way

  1. Drink more water – It doesn’t cost much to start drinking more water, not only for weight loss but also for overall health. Drinking a glass of water one hour prior to each meal can give a feeling of fullness and prevent one from overeating. Increasing water intake can also promote elimination (click here to learn more about water). My husband didn’t mind adding more water throughout the day, so this is how he started.


  1. No more sugar – One customer told me that he followed a “Zero Sugar Diet” and lost 2 lbs. every week. He seems very lean right now, but he just couldn’t get rid of belly fat, the most dangerous type of fat. He gave me information about this book and it sure sounds very interesting, but I already have lots of resources. So, I just adapted the idea and decided to cut all white sugar. My husband has a sweet tooth, but he agreed to follow through with this prescription. The first few days were not easy, he experienced headaches due to detoxication. There is nothing good about white sugar, so just eliminate it from your diet.
  1. Move more – Since my husband likes to read a lot, he is usually sitting down for long hours with minimum movement. So, I encouraged him to simply move more. Every half an hour of sitting down, add five minutes of easy exercise; such as running up and down stairs, jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups, and so on. He can do this and it adds up. You don’t need a gym membership, just move more throughout the day. It can help burn calories and also gives you more energy.

There are lots of weight loss supplements and also expensive exercise equipment on the market. They all sound good (mostly sound too good to be true!) and we all are tempted to try them for an easy outcome.

We decided to start simple and low cost (no cost at all). Most importantly, it is not a temporary attempt to lose weight, it is a lifestyle changing process.

I believe these simple 3 steps can prevent a number of health issues in a long run.

All is well, all the best!