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So Many Strains! Homemade Soymilk Yogurt

So Many Strains! Homemade Soymilk Yogurt

I have been making and eating soy milk yogurt for a couple of months. How I discovered this healthful routine was a fluke. When I was researching about fermentation online, I found out how Japanese people are adapting various fermentation processes and foods into their lives. In fact, fermented foods are a big part of Japanese culture that has influenced Japanese cuisine. Typical Japanese meals almost always include some kind of fermented foods. This food culture may be a reason for the Japanese people’s longevity.

Among all traditional fermented foods, this “homemade soy milk yogurt” caught my eyes. Apparently, eating this yogurt regularly can: promote weight loss, improve skin conditions, strengthen immune system, improve IBS, provide anti-cancer benefits, and possibly more health benefits that we aren’t aware of yet!

So, immediately I joined a Facebook group called “TGG yogurt club” to find out more about this mysterious food and observe how Japanese people integrate fermentation into their modern lives.

Ms. Tako Kuryu (fermentation life specialist) is the organizer of this Facebook group and there are many experienced fermentation experts (along with beginners who want to learn fermentation). The members provide useful tips, introduce seasonal fermentations, answer questions regarding trouble shooting, and share their inventions and recipes… The intention of this group seems to be “appreciate microorganisms [good bacteria], enjoy fermentation, love life!”

According to Dr. Muneteteu Tei, this homemade soy milk yogurt contains many kinds of strains that promote various health benefits:

  • Improve immune system – prevent cold, improve allergy symptoms
  • Source of vitamins – process of fermentation produces vitamins
  • Promote weight loss – he has been eating this soy yogurt over twenty years and lost 15kg!
  • Treat acne – overly-fermented soy yogurt can be applied to acne to clear it
  • Moisturizer – apply to dry skin to protect from dehydration

Moreover, another medical doctor suggested consuming 200ml or more soy milk yogurt every day for more health benefits:

  • Improve gut health
  • Treat and prevent diarrhea
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Improve Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms
  • Anti-cancer property

There are various ways to make this homemade soy yogurt and I posted one on my recipe pages. Making your own probiotic foods is not only to provide so many health benefits, but also as an economical way to improve your gut health.

All is well, all the best!