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Organic Raw Honey, a Healthy Choice!

Organic Raw Honey, a Healthy Choice!

I love raw honey. It goes with anything: peanut butter & honey on toast, yogurt & honey with fruit, herbal tea with honey, and you can add it to a smoothie as a sweetener. When I make fermented fruits, I always use raw honey to feed the good bacteria. My favorite is to eat fermented fruits (raspberry, plum, or lemon) with homemade soy yogurt!

Traditionally, honey is used to ease cough and allergic rhinitis. One of my friends told me to eat local honey, when I was suffering with seasonal allergies. It is always a good idea to buy local raw honey which may contain same or similar pollen that you might react.

For temporally releasing cough, you can use raw honey instead of over­-the-counter cough medicine.  A Taiwanese co-worker once told me how to make homemade cough syrup. You only need two ingredients: daikon radish and raw honey. Here is how you make homemade cough syrup: 1. Dice daikon radish and mix with raw honey 2. Leave overnight in a fridge 3. Scoop liquid and enjoy! Daikon releases liquid and mixed with honey to make this simple cough syrup. It doesn’t taste good (smells worse!) but works when you take it with the first sign of cold. 

Why raw honey is good for you:

  • It’s the most natural form of honey you can find
  • It’s unfiltered (no processing) and unpasteurized (no heating), so it contains plenty of natural vitamin and mineral
  • It contains flavonoids which may prevent and fight diseases
  • It contains super health enhancements: bee propolis and bee pollen  
  • It helps with seasonal allergies, sleep problems, coughs and wound healing (topically use)
  • It is used for diarrhea and gastric ulcer associated with H. pylori
  • It can be added to pre-workout (boost energy) and post-workout (quick recovery) snacks  

My children love “Dates and Honey Energy Balls” as a snack. I started making this for my daughter who loves figure skating. She eats one before practice and one more afterward. This homemade energy snack contains a load of healthy ingredients but is very easy to make and also inexpensive. You can buy all ingredients at a health food store or bulk store.

It is especially fun to make with children! 

All is well, all the best!