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Fermented Raspberries are Berry, Berry Good

Fermented Raspberries are Berry, Berry Good

We have wild raspberry bushes in our front yard. My husband’s friend Tim gave us a raspberry plant in a large planter a few years ago. I transferred it into an empty space in our front yard and now we enjoy hands full of fresh raspberries around this time of the year. My daughter loves them and she often eats them while waiting for the school bus to show up every morning!

When we pick a lot of them, the kids bring some to school for a snack. We eat them as is, mixed with yogurt, make smoothies with them, and so on. Sometimes we forget to pick them for a while and they become very ripe. When that happened, I just didn’t want to waste them. So, I decided to make “raspberry jam” and started looking up some healthy recipes.

Last Sunday, my family and I went to an event called “The Word on the Street” festival in Toronto. This is an event where you get to meet your favorite Canadian authors and have your books signed. My family gave me a beautiful cookbook called “Batch” by Joel Maccharles and Dana Harrison and I got to meet them and asked for autographs and take a photo with them! This book contains over 200 recipes and tips/techniques for preserving food. My favorite part is “fermenting” which helps promoting gut health. I was so excited when I found a recipe entitled “Fermented Raspberries” in this book.

“Fermented Raspberries” in Batch used granulated sugar, but I used unpasteurized honey instead. So, I pour unpasteurized honey and mixed it in with raspberries in a mason jar. I let it sit for two days in room temperature and guess what happened?

When I shook the jar slowly, bubbles came through the tightly sealed lid and sprayed a bit of red liquid. The raspberries were beautifully fermented and forming lots of bubbles!

Raspberries are high in vitamin C and manganese. Studies show that the antioxidant compounds in this berry may contribute to the prevention of cancer, reduce inflammation, and has some anti-aging properties as well.

On top of that, fermentation makes all the nutrients more bioavailable: easier for the body to absorb and more digestable.

Enjoy tasty fermented raspberries with homemade cream cheese on your bagel. This is a lot healthier than store-bought jam and is better for your digestion. In addition, it is Berry Berry Good!

All is well and all the best!