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It’s not cheesy to make your own cream cheese

It’s not cheesy to make your own cream cheese

Montreal is not only famous for “Montreal smoked meat” but also has a good reputation for “Montreal bagels”. We were there to experience and witness both of them this summer! It was a great family trip as usual, and also we accomplished one of our goals to explore local foods. My son and my husband researched the finest places to eat them and we really enjoyed the experience.

At the bagel place, we were choosing what to put on our bagels. There were so many choices and we took some time to pick our favorites. While we were browsing, “homemade strawberry cream cheese” appeared and my husband was delighted to order it immediately. It was very creamy and slightly sweet, a perfect match with toasted sesame bagels.

Recently, I came across the recipe for “yogurt cheese”. It looked very simple and easy, so I tried it. It turned out very creamy and tasty, just like the cream cheese we had at the bagel place in Montreal! My husband loves my homemade cream cheese so much that he requested I make it again and again.

Here is a list of ingredients on a commercial cream cheese spread:

Modified milk ingredients, Bacterial culture, salt, locust bean gum, xanthan gum

Here is my home made cream cheese ingredients:

Organic yogurt, sea salt (optional)…thats all!

According to Lorene Sauro R.H.N., compared to commercial cream cheese the homemade one is lower in calories. Also, as you can see, it contains less ingredients and you know exactly what they are (because you made it).

Here are some benefits of yogurt:

  1. Contains Lactobacillus bacteria which aids in the inhibition of bad bacteria
  2. Aids immune response of the gut
  3. Aids peristalsis
  4. Improves bowel movements
  5. Many people who are lactose intolerant can tolerate yogurt

It looks like having yogurt has great health benefits. Be sure to choose the right kinds: good quality, organic, and with less additives. You can eat as is, or make your own cream cheese out of it and enjoy the texture of creaminess. You can even make cheese cake with this home made cream cheese.

It is definitely worth making your own cream cheese. Once you make it, you will realise how easy it is to make something so good (beneficial for health and also tasty) from scratch.

Click here for the recipe.

All is well and all the best!