Cast Iron Pan is Back in Black!

Cast Iron Pan is Back in Black!

My children love eggs and they always request different dishes at the same time.  Scrambled eggs is my daughter’s favorite but my son prefers soft yolk sunny-side up (we call it “Cocokki” in an Italian dialect). My mother-in-law used to serve “Cocokki” with toasted bread to dip in soft yolk. It was a typical Nonna’s lunch menu and is one of our comfort foods.

I used to use a Teflon pan to fry eggs, because it was very popular due to its “healthy” image. It requires no oil or a smaller amount of cooking oil than a stainless steel pan. To add, it is very easy to clean afterward. I work at a retail store and what I have noticed is that there are many nonstick cookware and people often purchase them.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a potential immune-system disrupter and is a key element in nonstick cookware, such as Teflon coated pans. Dr. Amy Myers (the author of The Autoimmune Solution) warns people to avoid using nonstick cookware in order to eliminate daily exposure to a toxin that threatens the immune-system. She also mentioned what a shame to cook good quality foods (for example: organic vegetables and pasture-raised meats) in a toxic pan! That IS a shame.

Then one day, I found a “cast iron pan” at the store I work. It was rare to find one, because over 90 % of pans at the store are of the nonstick kind. Dr. Terry Wahls (the author of The Wahls Protocol) also suggested to replace Teflon coated pans with stainless steel or cast iron pans. So, I took action and bought one to start to experience the “old-new” ways of cooking.

There are some benefits of cooking with a cast-iron pan:

  1. High value but low cost: in fact, my pan only cost $12.99!
  2. Will become a nonstick pan: the more you use it, the less cooking oil you will need
  3. Health benefits: it doesn’t give any harmful fumes and also helps if you are anemic

When I was a child, my mother used to use a cast iron pan to make eggs. I remember it was a small black pan that always hung in the kitchen. As time goes by, I noticed my mother started to use bigger pans to cook larger portions. Teflon coated pans became more popular as easy and convenient cookware for daily use.

However, I believe cast-iron cookware must make a comeback to regular households. A cast-iron pan is not only inexpensive, improves its performance with age, and a healthier choice, but also one way to reduce daily exposure to an immune-system threat.

All is well, and all the best!