No Plastics Please!

No Plastics Please!

This is the time of year for “Back to school”. There are backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles, and lunch boxes…if you go to a store, you see all the stuff kids need to go back to school. I work at a retail store, so I get to see what the trend is for school age kids.

Lately I noticed colourful PLASTIC water bottles and PLASTIC lunch boxes with many compartments to separate food. Most of them have “BPA free” on their tags. So, we assume these items are safe for kids to use on a daily basis. BPA must be the bad guy and if the label says Free from it, then why not?

Bisphenol A. (BPA) is an industrial chemical which leaches estrogen into the human body.  As a result, they disrupt and imbalance the endocrine system. Exposure to BPAs can be linked to infertility, obesity, behavioral changes in children, and many more health issues.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), BPA is safe to use for foods, as long as it is kept at very low levels. This assessment was made based on numerous reviews of studies.

However, Dr. Amy Myers (author of The Autoimmune Solution) suggests to pass on ALL plastics. A study shows that the kind of plastic products used for foods (plastic wrap, Styrofoam, and so on) released a significant number of estrogen-mimicking toxins into the food.

Toxins are everywhere, whether you realize it or not…

  • Heating leftovers in a plastic container in a microwave – leaches plastic into food
  • Opening a can of soup for a quick meal – leaches BPA into food (the lining of cans)
  • Buying a plastic bottle of spring water – potentially contaminated spring water
  • Putting on a freshly dry-cleaned outfit to go out for dinner – dry cleaning chemicals
  • Ordering a tuna roll at a sushi place – mercury-laden tuna
  • Paying a bill and received a BPA coated receiptBPA exposure
  • Washing your face and putting a paraben-laden face cream on – estrogen mimicking parabens

These are some examples of our daily toxic exposure. There are a lot more harmful chemicals in our lives than we think. Toxins in our bodies build up over years and cause physical symptoms, such as Autoimmune diseases.

What we can do now is eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals from our lifestyles one at a time (let’s start with cutting down on the plastics) …here is how:

  1. Use glass or stainless steel containers for school lunches instead of plastic containers.
  2. Reduce consumption of canned foods to avoid BPA-containing resins in cans.
  3. Stop buying bottled spring water and use reusable stainless steel or glass water containers instead.
  4. Use glass or ceramic containers to store foods in fridge.

These tips are simple enough and a good start! My suggestion is to be aware of what you are accustomed to and slowly changing to cut down on toxins. Toxins are one of the main causes of autoimmune diseases and I will be introducing many other harmful toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

All is well and all the best!