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Ultimate Undergarment! Haramaki from Japan

Ultimate Undergarment! Haramaki from Japan

When I was a child, I used to wear a Haramaki in bed to keep my tummy warm. Growing up in Japan, as far as I can remember, my mother emphasized the importance of keeping the abdominal area warm even in summer time!  I was told to at least cover the belly area with a blanket no matter how hot the temperature would be.

Hara (midsection) should be covered and protected all the time: this idea comes from historical influences, and does have health benefits. Haramaki is a unique undergarment which was adored and worn for so many years in Japan and is an important part of Japanese culture.

Now I live in Canada with my family and I make sure each family member has their own Haramaki. When my daughter complains about a tummy ache, I tell her “Go get your Haramaki and wear it!”. It always works like magic and I just love this very simple and holistic way of treating abdominal discomfort.

Here are 3 main health benefits of Haramaki:

  1. Boost circulation – it can increase blood circulation and promotes higher body temperature
  2. Help digestion – it helps with minor abdominal discomfort and encourages bowel movements
  3. Relieve discomfort – it helps with lower back pain, as well as eases menstrual cramps

When I was pregnant, my mother sent me a large size Haramaki for expectant women who need to support an expanded belly. I remember it gave me great comfort and prevented me from having back pain.

In addition, some doctors in Japan state that increasing body temperature can promote better metabolism. That can lead to weight loss. That’s a plus!

Moreover, another doctor suggested that keeping the core area warm could improve the immune system. He emphasized the importance of increasing body temperature for overall health. How wonderful is that!

To sum, I believe Haramaki is a must-have item regardless of where you live. It relaxes you and gives you comfort, as well as provides multiple health benefits.

All is well and all the best!