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Spiralizer can easily increase vegetable intake

Spiralizer can easily increase vegetable intake

I got the best Mother’s Day gift ever this year! My husband and children gave me a “vegetable spiralizer” and a cookbook for the spiralizer. In fact, I didn’t know about this brilliant gadget until a week before Mother’s Day. There was a kitchen-related booklet in the lunch room at work for a while. I never bothered opening it nor paying attention to it. Then, just one day, I picked it up and found information on an amazing gadget that I never knew existed. I took a photo and showed it to my husband. It was perfect timing to request to buy me this gift for Mother’s Day as well. So, we found a very similar product (along with a cookbook) on Amazon and ordered them immediately. Despite the last minute order, the product arrived in time for Mother’s Day. Another interesting thing is that the booklet where I discovered this product from was gone from the lunch room the next week!

What is a “vegetable spiralizer” and why am I so excited about it? This is a simple kitchen gadget that can turn vegetables into noodles. There are a few types and I chose the tabletop spiralizer because it comes with three blade options. It is so easy and a fun way to cut vegetables (I love this so much that I even made a YouTube video to show you how cool and amazing it is!).

Three reasons why I love my spiralizer so much:

  1. Easy – easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store in the kitchen
  2. Quick – quick to set it up, quickly cut vegetables, and quicker to cook (shorter cooking time)
  3. Healthy – add more vegetables and fruits into your diet for optimal health!

I strongly recommend to try this wonderful tool, because you can easily add more fiber-rich foods, vegetables and fruits, into your diet. Fiber plays a great part in optimal intestinal health. Why don’t you replace conventional pasta and other noodles with a variety of vegetable noodles? You can not only increase fiber intake, but also reduce carbohydrate consumption.

All the best and all is well!

The Video below is in Japanese, but the visual is self-explanatory.  Please watch by clicking on the video below.