2016 Niagara Gutsy Walk

2016 Niagara Gutsy Walk

There was the “2016 Niagara Gutsy Walk” in St. Catharines last Sunday. The weather was not the best, a little bit of rain and some cold wind, but there were many participants who were wearing team t-shirts to support their friends with Crohn’s or Colitis.

In fact, I didn’t know about this charity walk until recently. This Gutsy Walk has been around quite a long time and marked its 21st year, this year. I like to participate charity events and have been actively supporting a few organizations (Terry Fox Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation and more) and I added this Gutsy Walk on my annual charitable activity list.

I was a captain of “Team Optimal Intestinal Health”. It was my first time participating and I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the fund raising to my satisfaction. Thank you so much for people who donated to my team. I will do better next time!

There were many well organized teams with matching t-shirts and they were supporting mostly children who were experiencing Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis. How difficult it must be to live with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) when still young. It was very nice to see many friends and families who were supporting and understanding what they have to go through.

The Walk was successfully over, but I will be supporting and contributing to this organization for the hope of further research. Together, we can stop these two debilitating diseases!

All is well and all the best!